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This year the Convention took place at Bankhall Mission, it was a good and profitable time where we enjoyed listening to Gods Word as it was applied in a clear way to our daily lives. It was an opportunity to renew fellowship with believers from across the city and to hear about what God is doing in the different churches. Each evening around about 80 people joined together to worship God and we all went home having been blessed by the time shared together.

On Thursday night Stuart Harding, the pastor at Grace Baptist, Southport. Spoke of our response to money. As Christians we cannot breathe the same air as the world or we will suffocate. What defines who we are, our possessions or our God. We have treasure, but where does it lie? Will it last or fade? We often fall into the trap of financial security rather than heavenly security. Have we forgot Gods promise to supply all our needs? Are we seeking first the kingdom of heaven? (Matthew 6:19-34)

David Cook recently retired as Principal of Sydney Missionary Bible College, New South Wales, Australia was here in England and joined us for our last night.

(Acts 12:1-25) It was dark days for the Church, but even in these times of trouble God has His plan for each of His people. When things happen they are for the glory of God, not for the praise of men. Do we depend and rely on the almighty God in everything, are we humble and giving Him all the glory.

On Tuesday night Sydney Elliott the pastor of Grace Church, Halewood spoke to us of the Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord on of the joy of selfless living (Philippians 2:5-11)

He reminded us that Jesus left heaven, humbled Himself and became man, a true example of selfless living. Then he reminded us that Christ was raised victorious to life, raised to heaven, glorified by the Father.

We heard how God stooped down  before lifting the load of sin, does this tell you how precious you are to Him?

Liverpool Bible Convention 2012

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On Wednesday night David Gibb who is the pastor at St Andrews, Leyland spoke to us of trouble in the Christian life. Some people think that becoming a christian will mean a trouble free life, God promises the opposite, yet in our trouble God also promises comfort. Our suffering will strengthen and stretch us. It will help us see our weakness and to depend on God for everything. It will enable us to help others who are going through times of trouble.

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