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A series of 2 lectures were organised by Listen Liverpool  in March 2008

(see below for brief report).

Origins & Culture

an evening with Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis

(7:30  Monday 31st March '08)

A great evening was enjoyed by over 500 people had come to hear these two talks on the importance of creation.

The Relevance of Genesis in Today's Culture


How to Defend the Christian faith in an Evolutionary world!

From the start of the lecture the case for creation was made from the Bible. Ken made it very clear that the issue was not one of evidence but one of our starting point. The Christian's starting point must be the Scriptures. If we do not believe the earthly things of which the Bible speaks, how can we believe the heavenly things? Not only are we called to believe the Scriptures, but also to be ready to give an answer to people who ask about its teachings and this includes Genesis chapters 1-11.

It is inconsistent for us to uphold what the Bible teaches about Christ, the Cross and the Consummation,  if we then deny the foundational doctrines Creation, Corruption, the Catastrophe and Confusion of which we read in Genesis 1-11.  Satan said to Eve 'Did God really say...' and in a similar way today many people ask 'Did God really say...' as regards the Bible account of  Creation as a real, historic event.

Ken argued that we need to be consistent in taking Gods Word and believing it ALL, not just the parts we like. A Christian should uphold the Authority of the Bible in all our beliefs and decisions.

Fossil evidence exists in the present as does all the other evidence. We interpret the evidence today to infer details about the past. Where the fossils came from, how long have they been there, how did they get there etc, are all legitimate questions that people ask and the answers depend upon our starting point (initial assumptions).

For a Christian who starts with Genesis:-

In contrast, the starting point for an atheistic Evolutionist is:-

Although reason goes against this people are willing to listen to men who give their ideas of what happened even when they do not have the evidence!

When considering the question of origins the Christian must start with the Bible. When a knight goes into battle he wouldn't put down his sword because the opponent asked him to, neither should we put down our sword (the Bible) when discussing these issues.

Bank Hall Mission,  Belvidere Road Church,  Bethany Baptist Chapel,  Dovecot Evangelical Church,

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