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In the anniversary year for Charles Darwin the media has been exceptionally active in promoting the atheistic viewpoint.

To counter this and to redress the balance by presenting a Biblical analysis, Listen Liverpool Churches recently invited Dr Stuart Olyott to speak on: 'God and the Dawkins generation'.

Over 200 gathered at Calvary Church to hear Stuart present the Biblical perspective on atheism from Psalm 14 - 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God'

We were reminded that atheism is not new (the Psalm was written over 3000 years ago), and although atheism may speak loudly it had no power to in history prevent God carrying out His Will in the Gospel, nor has atheism been able to stop the remarkable worldwide spread of the Christian church. We were reminded that today there are Christians in every country on the planet. The Gospel is believed by more people than ever before. The Psalm teaches that atheism is essentially a foolish belief: the atheist denies what he knows to be true. It provides no answers to the great problems of life or of death. Encouraging stories were shared of former atheists who had now become Christians. The talk is instructive, challenging and encouraging - copies may be downloaded here.

'God... and the Dawkins generation'

A message for today's generation.


God and the Dawkins Generation.mp3
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Bank Hall Mission,  Belvidere Road Church,  Bethany Baptist Chapel,  Bethel Church,  

Calvary Baptist Church,  Dovecot Evangelical Church,


Listen Liverpool  secretary@listenliverpool.co.uk


This meeting took place at Calvary Church,

East Prescot Rd / Pilchbank Road, Knotty Ash, Liverpool, L14 7PH

Saturday 16th May 2009 at 7.00pm