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Refreshments - At the end of each meeting you are invited to stay back for refreshments and join us in a time of fellowship.

Missionary Focus - United Beach Mission (UBM)


The Beach Team is comprised of team members of differing ages, from various walks of life and from different locations across the UK and beyond. There is one thing that unites us all, and that is that we are all committed Christians, who have a personal relationship with God, and know our sins forgiven through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.


As Christians with such great news of forgiveness and eternal salvation, our main aim is to share this with others.

The Beach Team seeks to share the message of the Bible to whole families in a way that is enjoyable. To children we use lively choruses, enthusiastic stories and Bible truth spots as means of introducing them to the wonderful message of the Bible.


With adults and young people, we run family evening events, designed to provide some fun for families who have taken an interest in our work, but also to provide an opportunity to share the message of the Bible and talk afterwards about it.



Bank Hall Mission,  Belvidere Road Church,  Bethany Baptist Chapel,  Bethel Church,  

Calvary Baptist Church,  Dovecot Evangelical Church,


Listen Liverpool  secretary@listenliverpool.co.uk


Liverpool Bible Convention 2010

Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th May 2010 at 7.45pm

Dovecot Evangelical Church

424 East Prescot Road, Liverpool, L142EH    (Directions)







Ian Higham    

Gary Brady   

Gary Brady

Emil Silvestru

Ian Higham

Pastor at Belvidere Road Church, Liverpool.

A member of the Listen Liverpool Committee.

Gary Brady

Pastor at Childs Hill Baptist Church, London. The author of two book in the Welwyn Commentary Series:

Heavenly Wisdom, on the book of Proverbs, and Heavenly Love on the Song of Solomon.

Emil Silvestru

Researcher and speaker with Creation Ministries International.  He has written one book (The Cave Book), over 41 scientific papers, and co-authored two

books. He is considered a world authority on the geology of caves.


The aim of the Liverpool Bible Convention is to bring together Christians of all ages and evangelical traditions to hear the Word of God preached and explained.

Date / Time


This weeks agenda :-

Book Stall  



Each night we will have available a well stocked book stall for people to look though and purchase.


Need a new Bible? A good Christian book to read? Then we will have many available to browse through after the meeting.


Bibles, Books on Spiritual Growth, Biography & Missionary,  Commentaries, Reference, Church History and Christian Novels.


Leaflet for display in Churches and distribution among those who want to know more.



to hear the