Listen Liverpool Churches

In 2013 the Convention took place at Bethany Baptist Church from Tuesday 7th till 10th May at 7.45pm.

Friday        10th

Alun McNabb

Formerly pastor of Dudley Baptist Church, now retired and living near Stafford.  


Liverpool Bible Convention 2013

Tuesday      7th

Mick Lockwood

Pastor, Hall Green Baptist Church, Haworth  


Listen to the talks

Thursday     9th

Paul Howell

Pastor, Christchurch Xscape, Castleford

Wednesday 8th

Mark Thomas

Pastor, Borras Park Church, Wrexham

LBC01 Mick Lockwood 2013.mp3 LBC02 Mark Thomas 2013.mp3 LBC03 Paul Howell 2013.mp3 LBC04 Alun Mcnabb 2013.mp3

 It was during the early 1940’s that the first Liverpool Bible Convention was held and ever since meetings have taken place during the first week in May for Bible study and ministry. Originally held in Calvary Baptist Church, in recent years the venue has moved to a variety of like-minded evangelical churches throughout the city. This year, as others, the Lord was pleased to bless those who gathered with good Bible ministry. 

 Pastor Mick Lockwood of Haworth commenced the week on Tuesday preaching from Philippians 4. Mr Lockwood spoke for the need for the Lord’s people to live lives that are holy and at peace one with another, the Lord Jesus being the perfect example of how we are to live.

Wednesday saw Mark Thomas, Pastor of Borras Park Wrexham spoke from Acts 16. He showed how the Lord in His sovereignty brought together the three requirements for a soul’s salvation, the combustible material of a heart, the oxygen of the Word of God and the spark of His grace.  Thus at the perfect time, when the Lord had prepared Lydia’s heart for the reception of Paul’s preaching of the Word, He was pleased in His grace to open her spiritual understanding and cause her to look upon the Saviour for the salvation of her soul.  An unquenchable fire was so kindled and her life was given in service for God and the spreading of the Gospel.

 On the Thursday evening pastor Paul Howell of Castleford preached from Mark 15.  He spoke of Christ’s crucifixion suffering during the period of the three hours of darkness.  Here Christ bore in full the penalty for sin and the separation from the Father so that His people need not fear God’s wrath and can look forward to the glorious day when they shall enjoy the full light of His presence.

 Mr Alun McNabb of Stafford led the final evening’s ministry.  He preached upon the account of Ahithophel as found in 2 Samuel 16. Mr McNabb spoke of the need to judge nothing before its time and for churches to have the mind of Christ, who, when He was reviled, reviled not again. 

Each of the four messages can be heard in full by clicking on the links below. The meetings were well attended each evening and good fellowship was enjoyed between the members and friends of the six Listen Liverpool churches and those from other fellowships.

God willing during the first week in May 2014 the meetings return to where they first began, Calvary Baptist Church, Liverpool. We trust that God will be pleased to bless these gatherings for many years to come.