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During the week we had 70 to 100 people each night from various churches around Merseyside. A good time of fellowship between Christians was had, but our attention was on the Word of God and helping us to understand and apply it in our lives (see below for a short intro to the talks).

During the evenings we were also reminded of the work of United Beach Missions, a review of this work is at the bottom of the page, you can also listen to the reviews.

The Liverpool Bible Convention took place from Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th May 2010 at Dovecot Evangelical Church.

Ian Higham

Pastor at Belvidere Road Church, Liverpool.

A member of the Listen Liverpool Committee.

Jesus said I am the bread of life.

(John 6 : 22-40)

What is it that we learn concerning the nature of the crowd in these verses?

A free meal, more miracles of Jesus and yet the had totally missed the point. Jesus did not come to supply their physical needs but their spiritual needs.

How does Jesus deal with them?

See how Jesus deals with them by confronting them and yet with compassion. As we deal with people we should do the same, confront their sin and yet full of compassion for their lost souls.

What does Jesus say about Himself

Time and time again this passage tells us that He came from heaven, He was the bread of life. Bread today has many recipes but the true bread of life has only one, it is God’s recipe for eternal life. We must feed on Him, on His word, are we, are you doing this today.

Lest I forget Gethsemane.

(Mark 14 : 32-42)

Before going to the cross Jesus spends time alone, praying to the Father. A time where he can pour out his heart to the Father. What can we learn about the work of Christ, how do we see His success in prayer. As we consider the disciples we how they were called to watch and pray, to wait on the Lord, we must do as the same, to watch and pray, will we fall asleep or be obedient.

I am the bread of life.mp3 Lest I forget Gethsemane.mp3

The Arrest of Jesus

(Mark 14 : 42-52)

In these few verses we meet 6 groups or people and in our talk we asked, who are we like?

Finally we must never forget the man at the centre of it all, Jesus Christ, God himself.

Jesus arrested.mp3

Emil Silvestru

Researcher and speaker with Creation Ministries International.  He has written one book (The Cave Book), over 41 scientific papers, and co-authored two

books. He is considered a world authority on the geology of caves.

Do we really have a Bible based world view

(2 Kings 6 : 14-17)

Where is the real battle for the souls of men and women? Elisha needed God to open his servants eyes to see God, people in the world today do not look through the eyes of the Bible so when they look at the Bible, they don’t see what we expect. They don’t know who Go is, what he has done so we need to start at the beginning. To show His power in creation, how sin entered the world and then what God has done to redeem us.

A Bible World View.mp3

Gary Brady

Pastor at Childs Hill Baptist Church, London. The author of two book in the Welwyn Commentary Series: Heavenly Wisdom, on the book of Proverbs, and Heavenly Love on the Song of Solomon.

Missionary Focus - United Beach Mission (UBM)

The Beach Team is comprised of team members of differing ages, from various walks of life and from different locations across the UK and beyond. There is one thing that unites us all, and that is that we are all committed Christians, who have a personal relationship with God, and know our sins forgiven through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.

As Christians with such great news of forgiveness and eternal salvation, our main aim is to share this with others.

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Liverpool Bible Convention 2010